Bundala National Park

Bundala National Park Location?

Located 251 km southeast of Colombo, close to the City of Hambantota of Sri Lanka. This location is hot and dry. While the annual rainfall varies between 900mm to 1300mm. The dry season falls between May and September. This place visit to the best time is September to March.

This Bundala National Park is most popular with both local and migratory birds. From September to March, the period of migratory birds arrives at the park. Around 167 species have been sighted. While up to 2000 of these birds have been recorded during November to December. Out of which 58 species are migratory birds.

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Bundala National Park | Bird watching | Peacock | ceylon yala

Wild Life


We can see in Bundala National Park Waterfowl, cormorants, large water birds, medium-sized waders, and small waders. And a lot of is love to the visit, the most famous migratory bird is the greater flamingo.

The lagoons also at the park attract a great variety of aquatic birds; Among them painted storks, Black-necked Stork, egrets, and Ceylon Woodshrike.

Also this wildlife destination is home to 32 species of mammals. There are Spotted Deer, the endemic jackal, civets and wild buffalo.

A few Asian elephants still inhabit the forests of this destination. here are is a still for several species of Reptiles. We see a lot of estuarine crocodiles and mugger crocodiles. In addition, Turtle and Green Turtle.


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Bundala National Park
Bundala National Park | Bird watching | Peacock | ceylon yala
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